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About us

Company Presentation

For over 45 years the ARVOR brand has been synonymous with the machines for the production of polyethylene sacks and bags.

The company started its activity in 1968 with the first 868 GL “Orange” machine, representing a complete innovation in the production of bottom weld machinery. The machine was designed by the then owner, George Lagain, and over the following years the company sold more than 9000 machines, well-known for being user-friendly, robust and reliable, worldwide.

Then as now, ARVOR has been producing bottom welding machines for polyethylene bags equipping them with the latest electronic and mechanical innovations developed by our research department.

ARVOR offers an after-sales service, technical assistance, and provides all original spare parts from 1968. ARVOR refurbishes your old machines in our own factory in order to update them to current standards and to enhance their performances.